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Luxury vinyl - waterproof flooring basics

If you think waterproof flooring is best suited for homes that are prone to flooding, that wouldn’t be entirely false. However, there are so many other applications of this product, it might surprise you. In fact, this material can actually work fine throughout your entire home. We’re going to tell you why it might just be the best investment you make this year.

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Why choose luxury vinyl - waterproof flooring?

Many questions are often asked about this flooring niche, but one of the most common has to do with whether or not it’s really necessary. If you don’t live in a flood-prone area, there are still reasons that make waterproof flooring a great option for your home. And they all center around the ultimate peace of mind.

Imagine having brand new flooring installed, only to come home and find that the dog has knocked over the water bowl. Or worse still, that one of your appliances has malfunctioned and overflowed. Waterproof flooring gives peace of mind by knowing that it will not need to be replaced after such an event. That kind of peace of mind is nearly priceless.

The greatest part about shopping waterproof options is that no matter what your home décor, you’re sure to find something that matches. With choices such as luxury vinyl, waterproof laminate, tile, and more, you have a wide variety of colors, designs and styles. If you choose a minimalist theme, tile will work perfectly. The same flooring will also work for the very artistic homeowner, as amazing mosaics and patterns can also be created with tile.

Luxury vinyl is an excellent option as well, and provides a look that mimics some of the most beautiful natural materials. Your floors can look like solid hardwood, marble, granite or slate, right down to the grain and texture patterns, thanks to the amazing 3D printing options that are available in the manufacture of luxury vinyl.

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