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Choosing hardwood is no hard choice

Ask any homeowner what their dream floor covering would be, and the answer is almost always hardwood flooring. It’s classic, timeless, elegant and fits in with just about every décor imaginable. Not only that, it has a life span that may very well outlast your need for the flooring itself. Other benefits are hard to argue with, and we’ll look further into that right now.

At H&H Carpet Co., you’ll get the same trustworthy service that other residents in the areas of Delray Beach, Boynton Beach, Highland Beach, Boca Raton, and West Palm Beach have been getting for many years. Our family owned and operated business has a showroom located in Delray Beach, FL, and we invite you to stop in for a visit. We can answer any questions that you might have, or go ahead and get your own flooring experience underway, right away.


Hardwood basics

You’ll have a few more options to make up your mind about, even after you’ve settled on hardwood flooring. The main choices you’ll need to make are:
  • Wood species – Different species have different densities, ranging from very soft to very hard. Your specific level of foot traffic will be the determining factor in which species you’ll need in specific places.
  • Stain color – These range from clear to very dark, and you’ll want to select something that goes with the décor in the space you’re reflooring. On the other hand, some species of wood, such as the cherry, have such a beautiful color, you may only want a clear coat for protection.
  • Wood finish – These range from classic glossy to extremely textured, depending upon what your exact needs are. The finishes with more texture work better for hiding signs of wear and tear as well as aging, and can actually allow you to put off refinishing your floors for several extra years.
Hardwood flooring in Delray Beach, FL from H&H Carpet Co.
If solid hardwood isn’t the perfect wood choice, then you might consider engineered flooring. This is still real wood flooring, but it only has a wooden veneer that is placed between a sturdy backing layer, and a protective top coating. Engineered wood can still be refinished, at least once, and sometimes more, depending upon the thickness of the wood veneer. It works particularly well in spaces like basements, since solid wood cannot be installed in below grade spaces. Engineered wood never expands or contracts, and is not changed by moisture, humidity, or changes in temperature.

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